robert lin

robert lin

lunch eater, mathematics major, software developer

open source

The open source community is amazing, and has been a huge part of my learning - so I do my best to give back where I can through contributions and making my code available for everyone. Feel free to check out my GitHub and Twitter to see what I'm working on right now!

:satellite: Canonical Imports Generator for Go Packages

twist - static and serverless canonical imports for your Go packages

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Continuous Benchmarking GitHub Action

gobenchdata - CLI for inspecting Go benchmarking outputs, GitHub Action for continuous benchmarking, and web app for performance visualization

:zap: Logging Extensions Library

zapx - performant extensions and wrappers for the uber-go/zap logger

:muscle: Git Repository Analysis Engine

Hercules - fast, insightful, and highly customizable Git history analysis

:books: Project Lifetime Visualization

Timelines - historical analysis of Git repositories and Git host activity as a service

:mailbox: RESTful Primitives Library

res - ergonomic primitives for working with JSON in Golang HTTP servers and clients

:running_woman: Safe Haven Finder

Open Now - find contextually-aware safe havens on your way home

:ping_pong: Container Builder Library

go-build - Golang API for executing Dockerfile, docker-compose, and Herokuish builds and deployments

:mountain: nwHacks 2019 Website

the website, registration, and check-in system for western Canada's largest hackathon

:newspaper: UBC Launch Pad Website

the official website for Launch Pad, UBC's student-lead software engineering club

:rocket: Self-Hosted Continuous Deployment Platform

Inertia - effortlessly set up continuous deployment on any platform, from any platform for small teams and projects

:department_store: Social Lending Platform

Borrow Me! - a goodwill-based marketplace for sharing small, everyday items

:boat: Domain-Specific Search Engine

Sleuth - domain-specific broad crawling and a feature-rich, well-designed, and thoroughly tested RESTful API

:rainbow: r/Android App Store

widely used portal for luxuriously browsing a popular community-curated collection of Android applications

:chicken: Facebook Messenger Bot with Spotify Integration

a more controlled and interactive take on shared playlists and simple song searches

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