robert lin

robert lin

lunch eater, mathematics major, software developer


open source

The open source community is amazing, and has been a huge part of my learning - so I do my best to give back where I can through contributions and making my code available for everyone. Feel free to check out my GitHub to see what I'm working on right now!

Generated chart of my recent GitHub activity! Check out this blog post to see how it works.

✨ UBC Launch Pad Official Website - the new official website for Launch Pad, UBC's student-lead software engineering club

:satellite: Canonical Imports Generator for Go Packages

twist - static and serverless canonical imports for your Go packages

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Continuous Benchmarking GitHub Action

gobenchdata - Run Go benchmarks, publish results to an interactive web app, and check for performance regressions in your pull requests

:zap: Logging Extensions Library

zapx - performant extensions and wrappers for the uber-go/zap logger

:muscle: Git Repository Analysis Tool

Hercules - fast, insightful, and highly customizable Git history analysis

:books: Project Lifetime Visualisation

Timelines - historical analysis of Git repositories and Git host activity as a service

:mailbox: RESTful Primitives Library

res - ergonomic primitives for working with JSON in Golang HTTP servers and clients

:running_woman: Safe Haven Finder

Open Now - find contextually-aware safe havens on your way home

:ping_pong: Container Builder Library

go-build - Golang API for executing Dockerfile, docker-compose, and Herokuish builds and deployments

:mountain: nwHacks 2019 Official Website

the website, registration, and check-in system for western Canada's largest hackathon

:newspaper: (old) UBC Launch Pad Official Website

the (old) official website for Launch Pad, UBC's student-lead software engineering club

:rocket: Self-Hosted Continuous Deployment Platform

Inertia - effortlessly set up continuous deployment on any platform, from any platform for small teams and projects

:department_store: Social Lending Platform

Borrow Me! - a goodwill-based marketplace for sharing small, everyday items

:boat: Domain-Specific Search Engine

Sleuth - domain-specific broad crawling and a feature-rich, well-designed, and thoroughly tested RESTful API

:rainbow: r/Android App Store

widely used portal for luxuriously browsing a popular community-curated collection of Android applications

:chicken: Facebook Messenger Bot with Spotify Integration

a more controlled and interactive take on shared playlists and simple song searches

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