robert lin

robert lin

lunch eater, mathematics major, software developer

About Me

Hey! I am a mathematics student studying at the University of British Columbia with a passion for tech and building cool things. The online handle bobheadxi (The xi part stands for 11) is one I’ve had for too long to abandon, so I use it for most things nowadays.

My professional experience includes internships at Riot Games and the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Center as well as part-time, remote software development jobs at startups like Sumus Property Group (where I work at the moment) and RTrade Technologies. Outside of work and class, I also participated actively as a tech lead in UBC Launch Pad (a student-run software engineering club at my university) and as a web developer with nwPlus (the group that organizes one of the largest hackathons in western Canada).

A condensed (though sometimes outdated) summary of my experience is also available in resume form.

When not fiddling with tech, I have a soft spot for mountains, trees, making gifs that loop, and occasionally writing. All opinions are mine.


My favourite mode of communication is email - please feel free to reach out! You can also catch me on GitHub and LinkedIn.

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