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Hey! My name is Robert.

I am currently working as a software engineer at Sourcegraph’s Developer Experience team. My professional experience includes software engineering internships at Sourcegraph, Riot Games, and the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Center. I’ve also worked part-time remote software development positions at startups like Sumus Property Group and RTrade Technologies while taking studying at university.

I studied Mathematics at the University of British Columbia, where I participated actively for several years as a tech lead and co-president in UBC Launch Pad, leading and mentoring teams of students on collaborative projects and driving programs and workshops aimed providing students a collaborative and professional environment for building projects. I volunteered for some time as a web developer for nwPlus building the website and application system behind one of the largest hackathons in western Canada, nwHacks.

Launch Pad member Chad and I presenting UBC Launch Pad's self-hosted build and deployment platform at the 2018 Vancouver DevOps Days

I spend a great deal of time pursuing my love of experimenting with different technologies and ideas through my projects and writing. My interests currently lie primarily in empowering people to collaborate and build things better, faster, and more effectively. Software has become an integral part of every facet of life, and I believe that ever-improving tools, automation, and a culture of transparency (I have the open-source world to thank for pretty much everything I know) will become a key driver of innovations to come.

When not fiddling with tech, I have a soft spot for bouldering, the great outdoors, eating, and writing.


A condensed (though sometimes outdated) summary of my experience is also available in resume form.


My favourite mode of communication is email - please feel free to reach out! You can also catch me on GitHub and LinkedIn.

why “bobheadxi”?

The online handle bobheadxi is one I’ve had for too long to abandon, so I use it for most things nowadays. The xi part stands for 11, and nothing else :)

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