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The “r/Android App Store” is an Android application that allows users to conveniently browse a massive community-curated list of apps including all sorts of Android applications and games. The app features a comprehensive featureset and boasts a very strong userbase - the app has almost 100,000 cumulative downloads. With over 20 merged pull requests, some of my contributions include:

  • new features such as a complete redesign of one of the app’s pages, the ability to automatically tag newly added apps as “new”, the ability to save selected filters, a popup to show changelogs pulled from GitHub, markdown to HTML conversion for text, and more
  • refactoring parts of the app’s backend to utilise Dagger’s dependency injection capabilities to enable easier testing, as well as making performance improvements by providing application-scoped (singleton) OkHttpClient and Retrofit instances through Dagger (related blog post)
  • rewriting unit tests using JUnit and Mockito for one of the refactored modules for more comprehensive coverage, and provided unit tests for some of my own contributions
  • a wide range of bug fixes to improve the app’s stability
  • integrating test coverage reporting into the project’s CI tool, Travis, using Coveralls
  • reviewing pull requests made by new contributors and addressing bug reports and issues raised by the community

Check out my pull requests in more detail here!

Demo from my pull request to add a redsigned app details page.