Introducing the New Launch Pad Website

Introducing the New Launch Pad Website

we rebuilt our website from the ground up with a fresh coat of paint (in 8 days!)

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We’ve had a design sitting around for a while now, but this year we’ve finally decided to get to work and churn out a brand new, from-the-ground-up refresh of our 4-year-old website to showcase our new branding and this semester’s projects!

# The New Website


We’re launching our new website today on! The revamped website features:

a fully responsive website

This revamp has been in the works for a long time, but development only started less than 2 weeks ago - so if you find any issues please let us know!

# Behind the Scenes

# Design

Our design team, lead by our wonderful designer Jenny, first prepared a set of refreshed branding and designs for a new website in early 2019. The design went through several iterations, we showed it off to the club, and… never got around to building it, which is unfortunately because the team did a great job with the designs and it looked great.

many iterations of design

final designs

By the time April 2020 rolled around, we were in desperate need of an online platform aligned with the branding we were sending out to sponsors and partners to showcase this year’s projects.

# Development

There were two main pain points of the existing website (which is over 4 years old at this point) that I wanted to tackle with a rewrite:

In hopes of remedying these issues, I made two major decisions right as I started:

We’d made a few attempts at starting development on the website before, but unfortunately since it was always treated as more of a club “side project” or an off-season project, it was quite difficult to get the ball rolling and development would quickly fizzle out. To get the project off the ground with some momentum, I decided I would build the initial implementation by myself. I started off on my own on April 17th, finished implementing a first pass of the entire website just two days later, set up what documentation I could, and opened the project up to contributions from the club!

internal launch

Despite having a website you could scroll through that looked pretty close to the actual design, there was still a significant amount of work to be done:

…and the list went on and on, and grew as we continued to add features. Thankfully, a couple of members stepped up and did some great work helping bring the project to a state where we could retire the old website! I’d like to give special thanks to:

All together, this entire project took us just 8 days (April 17th to April 25th) to bring to launch, which I think is not too shabby of an achievement. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Robert Lin

Robert Lin

Enthusiastic eater of lunches. Please feel free to reach out to me at!

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