✨ UBC Launch Pad Official Website

✨ UBC Launch Pad Official Website

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UBC Launch Pad is a student-run software engineering club at the University of British Columbia. I previously worked on the club’s old website, but by mid-2019 the website was showing its age and had not been kept up to date with our refreshed branding. In April 2020, using designs provided by UBC Launch Pad’s design team, I built a prototype of a new website in 2 days, and worked with a few contributors to bring the prototype to completion and launch in a total of just 8 days!

The new website was built from the ground up to solve two main pain points of its predecessor: the lack of a modern web framework (which made the previous site difficult to build on top of), and the fact that almost all content was hardcoded (which made it difficult for new members to update the website). To remedy these problems, the new website:

The redesigned website is still fully responsive!

In addition to the features listed above, I also worked on:

Effortless dive into a project for more details with the new website's modal-based projects showcase

Check out my pull requests in more detail on GitHub, and see the website live at ubclaunchpad.com!

Robert Lin

Robert Lin

Enthusiastic eater of lunches. Please feel free to reach out to me at robert@bobheadxi.dev!

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