Borrow Me! is an AirBNB-style service for all the small everyday things you might need in life - pencils, erasers, chargers, phones, and so on. No money is involved: lending items and returning things on time allows you accumulate Karma, which is the currency of Borrow Me!

The service is built on Django and uses a Postgres database, both of which are managed by Docker for simple and fast deployment. Completely built by a team of 4 within the 24 hours of nwHacks 2018, the Borrow Me! platform features:

  • user logins and accounts to manage items you have on loan and items you have put up for loan, check when items are due, as well as keep track of your Karma, the currency of Borrow Me!
  • item submission to add your items, allowing you to set its value, a picture, due date and more
  • item feed to easily browse available items in your area and relevant details about them

Visit the Borrow Me! repository for more details!