From October 2019 to March 2020, I worked remotely part-time while taking classes at UBC on Sumus’s investment management platform, called the Sumus Portal, and a tool for generating presentation decks based on data collected by the team, called the Sumus Pitcher.

# Sumus Portal

The accounting interface of the Sumus Portal, the investment management platform I worked on at Sumus (with sensitive data removed)

The Sumus Portal is a Node, React+Redux, and MongoDB project. My contributions include:

  • automating our entire deployment workflow with automated updates and easy-to-deploy branch previews for very little cost with Google App Engine, greatly increasing our development velocity (blog post)
  • revamping our transaction handling logic and storage format for reproducibility, improved record keeping, and robust versioning capabilities, enabling simpler and more insightful queries on financial data
  • developing new interactive elements in the Portal, such as the accounting (see above image), account management, and transactions creation interface (amongst other improvements)
  • modernised the codebase with improved tooling, sandbox environments, tests, continuous integration, and more

# Sumus Pitcher

A demo of a property pitch deck template generated by the Sumus Pitcher Figma Plugin.

The Sumus Pitcher is a Typescript-based Figma plugin. The project is currently a work in progress. My contributions include:

  • leading on the design and implementation of the tool by integrating with the Figma plugin API and developing a robust, flexible, and extensible framework for working within its constraints (including features like simple-to-use interfaces to allow definitions of new templates, an easy-to-use format for declaring asset dependencies, and more)
  • automating report generation by programmatically interacting with the Figma component tree
  • developing integrations with Wordpress to source data for generated reports
  • generating maps using the Mapbox API and Google Maps Places API

See my blog post for a brief writeup of some of my work on this project!

Architecture diagram of the Sumus Pitcher Figma Plugin, as described in my blog post, which has to work within the constraints of the Figma plugin environment while supporting a diverse range of dependencies across our various page templates.

A demo of some maps generated with the Mapbox API by the Sumus Pitcher plugin.

# About Sumus Property Group

Sumus is a property investment and development firm based out of Lethbridge, Alberta in Canada.