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Ever wanted to allow everyone to add songs to your playlist, but disliked how Spotify really allows anyone to add anything to your playlist if you open it up? This bot allows you to interact with Spotify through the Facebook Messenger interface and allows the creation of more tightly controlled public playlists. Built on Node.js, hosted on Heroku, and making extensive use of Facebook and Spotify’s RESTful APIs, this bot currently features:

  • song search, which presents the user with an attractive scrolling view that shows the song name, album art, album name and artist

  • access to 30-second song previews that can be seamlessly played from within Messenger

  • the ability to “host” a playlist - other users can then request for songs to be added to the playlist, which then have to be approved by the host

  • robust song approval process that involves both the host receiving a message to notify them of the request, and the requester receiving a message upon song approval, after which the requested song is seemlessly added to the host’s Spotify playlist

  • unit tests written using Mocha and Sinon

  • continuous integration tools and code coverage reporting built in to the repository with Travis and Coveralls

All this is conveniently done through Facebook Messenger in a seamless experience. This project was my first major programming project, as well as my first solo project. Check out the GitHub repository for more details!