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I joined the nwPlus team to work for a while on their web projects, which powers events like nwHacks - one of the biggest hackathons in western Canada. During my time with their team, I helped kickstart work on the nwHacks 2019 website with contributions such as:

Check out my pull requests in more detail here, and see the website live!

Experimented with different internal APIs and discussed various implementations with feedback from teammates - from #21.

Fully response website! More examples and implementation details at #56.

Navigation bar implementation demo from #41. Demos were very helpful for both the dev team and the designers to quickly give feedback to each other and improve designs that maybe don't look so great in practice - for example, the navigation bar design was changed once a designer had a look at the implementation.

Robert Lin

Robert Lin

Enthusiastic eater of lunches. Please feel free to reach out to me at robert@bobheadxi.dev!

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