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I joined the nwPlus team to work for a while on their web projects, which powers events like nwHacks - one of the biggest hackathons in western Canada. During my time with their team, I helped kickstart work on the nwHacks 2019 website with contributions such as:

  • project setup and configuration
  • implementations of design assets provided by the nwPlus design team (#20, #21, #41, etc.)
  • setting up implementation of responsive layouts (#56, etc.)
  • internal structuring (#30, #39, #14, etc.)
  • setting up a development deployment using another student-made tool, Inertia, that enabled faster feedback and development cycles (#32)
  • helped set up Google Cloud Firestore rules and document designs

Check out my pull requests in more detail here, and see the website live!

Experimented with different internal APIs and discussed various implementations with feedback from teammates - from #21.

Fully response website! More examples and implementation details at #56.

Navigation bar implementation demo from #41. Demos were very helpful for both the dev team and the designers to quickly give feedback to each other and improve designs that maybe don't look so great in practice - for example, the navigation bar design was changed once a designer had a look at the implementation.